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Dusting Products: Dusting Products

Feather Duster With 21" / 40Cm Plastic Handle DOD3

Yellow Duster | 20x18" | Pack/10

Feather Duster with 48" / 104cm Plastic Handle DOD4

Dust Maid Hand Dusting Tool GM20

Fluffy Long Handle Lambswool Flick Duster | 48" / 122cm Plastic Handle

CONTRACT White Short Handle Lambswool Flick Duster 12" Plastic Handle (30.5cm) - FD24

Unger StarDuster Unitec Wall Brush OWALB

Telescopic Handle 150cm x 22mm (Fits 992084 Hand Duster & 560338 Frame) - 530415

Premium 'Fluffy' SHORT Handle Coloured Lambswool Duster 12" Plastic Handle (30.5cm) - DOD1

Soft Synthetic Cobweb Brush / Long Duster with Telescopic Handle 1300mm - 1700mm Handle - COR10

Unger StarDuster Wall Brush - WALB0