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Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning:

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning dissolves and absorbs dirt and then crystalizes prior to its removal from the carpet. Simply apply Encapsulation Detergent via the Cimex Encap machine and scrub the carpet briefly until clean. The dry residue that is created can then be vacuumed immediately, drastically reducing cleaning times. Encapsulation cleaning is proven to improve carpet appearance; it also eliminates lengthy drying times and requires minimal training.

Clean over 75% faster versus standard extraction cleaning. Make the switch – clean more efficiently with Cimex Encap.

Cimex Encap | Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning System | Complete Kit | CR48ENCAP

Cimex Encap Pads | 8" / 20cm | Box 15

Prochem Procaps Soil Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner 5L S745

Cimex Cyclone CR48 19" - Three Brush Floor Cleaning Machine - Machine Only

Cimex Encap CR48 20cm Shampoo Brushes Set/3

Truvox Air Mover 240V - AM

Sebo BS360 | Commercial Twin Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner | 91080GB

Sebo BS460 Comfort - Commercial Upright Twin Motor Vacuum Cleaner 9331GY

Truvox Whole Room Dryer | 360 Degree Air Flow Fan Dryer 240V | WRD

Truvox Air Mover with Trolley 240V - AM/T