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Avmor UK Limited:

For over half a century Avmor has remained at the industry forefront, defining product performance standards and striving for the safest, most cost-effective cleaning systems for professional use.

Manufactured in Laval, Quebec, within a plant that includes liquid and powder blending facilities, a reactor for forming acrylic polymer emulsions, with on-site laboratories employing a group of full-time chemists. All this ensures Avmor remains cutting-edge in terms of research, development and quality control.

The quality of the Avmor Floor Care range is second to none and at TCM we provide the largest range of Avmor products on the UK market. Need a top quality solution to tackle even the most complex cleaning task? Look no further than the Avmor range.

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Photo Product Manufacturer Price More Info
Avmor Adios Limescale, Descaler & Stain Remover 4L Avmor UK Limited
Avmor Metalon EP60 Stainless Steel Cleaner 946ml Avmor UK Limited
Evans Daily Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1L EACH Avmor UK Limited
Avmor Glee Hand Dish Washing Detergent 4L Avmor UK Limited
Avmor Torpedo Drain Cleaner 909ml Avmor UK Limited
Avmor 946ml Trigger Head for Bottle EACH Avmor UK Limited