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Cimex: Well established brand of heavy duty 3 brush scrubbing and scarifying machines

Photo Product Manufacturer Price More Info
Cimex CR38 16cm Medium Scrub - Yellow Polyprop Brushes Set/3 Cimex
Cimex CR48 20cm Standard White Brush Set/3 | 11-2005-0500 Cimex
Cimex Encap CR48 20cm Shampoo Brushes Set/3 Cimex
Cimex 20cm Tynex Brush 11-2016-0500 set/3 Cimex
Cimex R48 20cm General Scarifying Brush | Steel Wire 16G | Set of 3 | 11-2049-0500 Cimex
Cimex R48HD Heavy Duty Scarifying Brushes - Steel Wire 3 x 14G - Set/3 - 11-2051-0500 Cimex
Cimex CR48 20cm Drive Discs Set/3 - 11-2060-0500 Cimex
Cimex X46 Escalator Cleaner Cimex
Cimex Heavy Duty 3 Brush Scarifier| 240V | R48HD Cimex
Cimex CR48 20cm Medium Scrub Yellow Set/3 11-2004-0500 Cimex
Cimex CR38 Cyclone 3 Brush Scrubber Polisher Cimex
Cimex CR38 16cm Shampoo Brush, Set/3 11-1607-0500 Cimex
Cimex Cyclone CR48 20 cm General Purpose Fibre Brushes Set/3 11-2001-0500 Cimex
Cimex Cyclone Encap CR48 19" - Three Brush Floor Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Machine - Brushes Extra Cimex
Cimex Encap Pads | 8" / 20cm | Box 15 Cimex
Cimex R48HD Concrete Finishing Brushes | Steel Wire 18G | 11-2043-0500 Cimex