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Modular Soap Dispenser 900ml 4LR-WWB

The Soap Dispenser comes with a refillable reservoir. The cover also acts as the pusher, eliminating the need for an arm lever. It will also lock automatically when it is closed and can be opened with a supplied key.

  • Cover will lock automatically when closed
  • Dispenser holds 900ml of Liquid Soap
  • Bulk soap dispensers are more cost effective than the pouch or cartridge refil type. They can can be refilled or topped up at any time ensuring you never run out.
    The cartridge type has a specially made refill that are much more expensive per litre than bulk fill soap. They are sealed and therfore cannot be topped up. The cartridge has to run out before it can be changed. In some cases you can replace a partly used cartridge out before it is empty but this also adds to the running cost
  • Prices exc. VAT.

    Pinki | Luxury Pearlised Hand Soap | 5 Litre | SC6
    • A luxury, pearlised, pink liquid hand soap, Luxury Soap is a cosmetic-grade soap designed to cleanse and condition the skin.

    • Made from superior quality ingredients to produce a rich, mild foam, Luxury Soap boasts a subtle rose fragrance.
    • Suitable for use on all skin types, Luxury Soap is ideal for use in Washrooms, Bathrooms and Shower Areas.
    • Recommended for use in Offices, Health Clubs, Hotels, Nursing and Residential Homes.

    £ 5.92

    Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel | 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser | 1 x 5 Litre
    • Kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses.
    • 70% Alcohol content.
    • Natural Aloe Vera to ensure that hands feel soft & moisturised.
    • Beautiful peach fragrance to provide an enhanced user experience.
    • 70% Alcohol content.
    • Safe & kind to skin.
    • No need for soap and water.
    • Vegan friendly


    Our 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses whilst utilising natural Aloe Vera to leave hands feeling soft and moisturised.

    Formulated to provide the best user experience possible whilst maintaining hygiene standards.

    That isn't all, we combined this with a beautiful peach fragrance to provide the ultimate user experience and avoid that nasty alcohol smell found with inferior products.


    Certified to BS EN1500, EN1276, EN14476


    Contains: Ethyl Alcohol CAS 64-17-5, Denatonium benzoate (bitrex), Glycerine, Aloe Vera Oil



    £ 14.00

    Brightwell Floor Stand Dispenser Holder | SBW6725/D9

    Free standing station making hand sanitiser available anywhere. Great for hospitals, surgeries, supermarkets and places with high traffic areas. For use with Brightwell Dispensers Modular touch free dispenser. Promotes good hand hygiene and makes it easy to keep hands sanitised in any facility.


    • Stand made from powder coated mild steel
    • Pre- drilled holes to fit Brigthwell Dispensers touch-free and manual dispensers (dispenser not included)
    • Stand can be bolted to the floor
    • Optional drip tray is available
    • Offers mobile sanitising
    • Encourages ultimate hand hygiene
    • Flexible and easy to assemble


    £ 110.00