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Grimebuster Beaded Citrus Hand Cleaner 5L SC4
  • An effective beaded hand cleaner with a citrus-oil base for extra strength and mildness.

  • An orange scented hand cleaner containing poly-beads for added cleaning power, Buster Extra has been manufactured to a carefully controlled non-drip consistency.
  • Suitable to remove oil, grease, ink, bitumen, asphalt, tar, paint, plaster, creosote, mud and ground in soils from the skin.
  • Can be dispensed using Clover's new safe, economical and effective skincare system.
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Modular 2 Litre Beaded Soap Dispenser 4XBF-WWB

If you need a hard-wearing, multi-hygiene prouduct dispenser for warehouses, factories and other industrial setting then look no further.

This giant 2-litre-capacity item dispenses extreme industrial products and is designed for use with high-tech pumps that distribute anything from thick barrier creams to liquid soap. This model is great for thick or beaded products 'extreme industrial' for solvent-based products, or 'pumice industrial' for abrasive pumice.


The dispenser comes with a refillable reservoir to ensure clean and total dispensing of thick products.

Ideal for products like Swarfega, Rosalex etc.


Bulk soap dispensers are more cost effective than the pouch or cartridge refil type. They can can be refilled or topped up at any time ensuring you never run out.
The cartridge type has a specially made refill that are much more expensive per litre than bulk fill soap. They are sealed and therfore cannot be topped up. The cartridge has to run out before it can be changed. In some cases you can replace a partly used cartridge out before it is empty but this also adds to the running cost

£ 30.75

Black Pump Dispenser for GrimeBuster 5Ltr
Black 7CC Pump Dispenser designed to fit on and work with the 5L Buster Extra beaded hand cleaner.

£ 6.38