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Bioclean - Bactericidal Liquid Soap 5L SC10
Bio Clean Bactericidal Hand Soap
Bioclean is a Water Based Bactericidal Hand Soap.
Bioclean can be used through either Cartridge Wall Dispensers, Bulk Wall Dispensers, Pump Dispensers fitted to a Free Standing Bottle, or simply squeeze onto the hand from the 1 litre cartridge pack.
Specially formulated for Hygiene and Regular use throughout the day.
Bioclean is odourless and non-tainting.
Directions for use:
Wet hands, apply Bioclean.
Rub Bioclean wel into the skin, creating a rich lather and ensuring contact with the entire surface of the hand and wrist. Use a Nail Brush to clean under the nails. Rinse away thoroughly with clean water and dry hands thoroughly.
N.B. Do not mix with other hand soaps.
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30 ml Pump Dispenser 42mm Cap (Clover)
For accurate 30ml (1 fl.oz.) delivery of a wide variety of highly viscous products such as hand soaps, detergents, cooking oils, food relishes, waxes and cleaning chemicals.


Lock-down pump head provides leak-proof shipment of product with pump in-situ.


Standard closure 38mm can accommodate a multitude of larger plastic or metal lids and closures.


This is a standard size for many branded 5 litre cleaning solutions, for The Clean Machine or Clover Chemicals brand you will need the 42mm size.

£ 3.40

Modular Soap Dispenser 900ml 4LR-WWB

The Soap Dispenser comes with a refillable reservoir. The cover also acts as the pusher, eliminating the need for an arm lever. It will also lock automatically when it is closed and can be opened with a supplied key.

  • Cover will lock automatically when closed
  • Dispenser holds 900ml of Liquid Soap
  • Bulk soap dispensers are more cost effective than the pouch or cartridge refil type. They can can be refilled or topped up at any time ensuring you never run out.
    The cartridge type has a specially made refill that are much more expensive per litre than bulk fill soap. They are sealed and therfore cannot be topped up. The cartridge has to run out before it can be changed. In some cases you can replace a partly used cartridge out before it is empty but this also adds to the running cost

  • £ 18.32