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TCM 'deckshine' Floor Pad | 10"

Pads for use with scrubbing and polishing machines.
Select the colour of the pad to match the operation you wish to carry out, (see below).
Black Pad:  Wet Stripping, Heavy Duty Cleaning.
Green Pad:  Wet Scrubbing.
Blue Pad:  General Spray Cleaning.
Red Pad:  Light Spray Cleaning/Polishing.
Tan Pad:  Dry Buffing.
White Pad:  Dry Buffing,Final Polishing

These pads are sold singularly, or in boxes of 5. The colours and sizes can be mixed, the price will adjust according to your selected options.

Other generic names include 'buffer pads' 'polishing mats' 'scrubbing pads' 'stripping pads' 'stripper pads' 'nylon pads