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Premiere Spring Clean Multi Surface Cleaner 5 Ltrs
  • Viscous with excellent vertical adhesion
  • Versatile multi-surface cleaner for small areas
  • Recommended for bathrooms, washrooms and toilet areas
  • Also for plastic, enamel, laminate, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, glass and paintwork
  • Dissolves body fats, soaps and scum
  • User friendly
  • Tangerine colour with a new fresh orange perfume
  • A mildly alkaline, bactericidal, non-abrasive multi-purpose cleaner using the latest electrostatic repulsion to repel dirt from redeposition. A viscous product, containing a fresh orange perfume, which has excellent vertical surface adhesion, to maximise cleaning efficiency. Suitable for cleaning plastic, enamel, laminate, ceramic, stainless steel, chrome, glass and paintwork. Ideally suitable for routine maintenance of bathroom, washroom, toilet and shower areas as it has excellent performance on all soil, in particular scum, oil and body fats. Springclean is a non-scratch, ammonia and solvent free formulation offering excellent limescum removal being based upon effective water softener and mild acid presence. It also offers excellent deodorant properties with its high orange fragrance. In formulating Springclean, as withall Premiere products, care has been taken to consider the environmental effects of the formulation and hence all components are Readily Biodegradable. Similarly user hazard has also been given equal consideration and all components are non-COSHH, EH40 regulated and no hazard orange box is required. The pH of the concentrate under typical analysis is 10.0.
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