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Sebo Blue Polisher Floor Pad 3230ER00C

The Blue Pad

Blue pad is used to bring out the ultimate shine within your flooring surfaces, depending on the current state of your floors, it may be recommended that the green, yellow, and red pads be used before using the blue pad.

The Green Pad

Creation and maintenance of a high gloss surface, the green pad is used to begin the process of bringing out a glossy shine. The green pad is for use once the red and yellow pads have been used, depending on the severity of your flooring. Once the green ad has been used, its recommended the blue pad is used to finalise the process.

The Yellow Pad

Used to remove finner scratches and marks on the surface. If the yellow pad is unable to remove any finner scratches its recommended you try the Red pad for a rougher approach. Once you've finished using the yellow pad, its recommended you use the green pad to begin bringing out a shine on your floor surface.

The Red Pad

The red pad is the heaviest pad available, and is recommended for treatment of scratches on the surface. Once completed,  you can move down to the yellow pad to remove any smaller scratches on the surface.

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