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Sebo Yellow & Red Diamond Renovation Floor Pads 3286ER40C / 3230ER40C
Diamond  coated restoration pads for use with the Sebo Dart 3 UHS polishing machine.
This 2 pad set can be used to rejuvenate dull floors in conjunction with the Green HTC Diamond Pad that is supplied as standard with the machine .
  • The red pad is used to renovate very dull, scratched floors.
  • The yellow pad is then used to bring the floor up a shine,  daily maintenance is then carried out using the green pad that supplied as standard.
The pads last up to 600 operating hours making them very economical is use.
The Sebo pads are coated with a resin containing micro-diamonds, the hardest naturally occuring mineral; this special coating brings a high gloss shine without using chemicals. There are three different pads, Red, Yellow and Green, for different stages of cleaning. The Red pad is for floors in poor condition and will treat scratches, while the Yellow pad restores a high gloss and the Green Pad maintains the floor.
These pads are perfect for restoring and maintaining busy floors and can give a 'just laid', high gloss finish.

The standard Blue Pad is for maintaining the shine on clean floors.
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