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Esprit | Air Freshener Reconditioner | 750ml Trigger
Fresh Fragrant Esprit.
  • Neutralises bad odours including tobacco
  • Highly acceptable, slow-release perfume
  • Long lasting fragrance creates a fresh & pleasant environment
Esprit is a ready-to use, slow release air reconditioner with a long-lasting fragrance, specially formulated for the hotel and leisure industry.
Specialised perfumery techniques combine universally acceptable perfume oils in a slow release formulation, emitting an exclusive blend of oriental blossom and spice notes.
Excellent air reconditioner which combats stale odour such as tobacco and cigar smoke.
Ideal for use in Pubs, Restaraunts, Hotels, Night Clubs, Changing Rooms & Public Buildings.
Use Esprit undiluted and spray into the corners of the room or entrance matting to enhance the atmosphere. Ideal to lightly spray into waste bins or to freshen ashtrays.
For environments where aerosols are not permitted, Esprit is an ideal product as it sprays from a Trigger Spray bottle.
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