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Aquaclean - 5 Litre Carpet Spray Extraction Solution - FC2
Aquaclean is a special highly concentrated additive designed for spray extraction cleaning of carpet and upholstery. The concentrated nature of Aquaclean means it is ideal as a pre-spray for areas of heavier soiling such as traffice lanes etc. Aquaclean is designed for the effective cleaning of carpets and upholstery using either hot or cold water through all makes of water extraction carpet cleaning machines. Aquaclean is suitable on material that can tolerate water.
Do not use on any fabric that must be dry cleaned. Alway test on a small unobtrusive area of carpet or fabric before commencing cleanng.
Direction and Dilutions
Dilution  - Normal use - 1 part Aquaclean to 100 parts hot water. Heavy Duty - 1 part Aquaclean  to 50 parts hot water.
Clean the carpet/fabric taking care to extract as much liquid as possible. Go over areas of high dirt levels several times if necssary. Do not rub the carpet. Use the lance in a slow steady motion. Allo the carpet/fabric to dry, preferably over night. Any furniture should be removed away from wet carpet areas, or place on waterproof coasters to prevent the risk of staining from metal castors etc.
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30 ml Pump Dispenser 42mm Cap (Clover)
For accurate 30ml (1 fl.oz.) delivery of a wide variety of highly viscous products such as hand soaps, detergents, cooking oils, food relishes, waxes and cleaning chemicals.


Lock-down pump head provides leak-proof shipment of product with pump in-situ.


Standard closure 38mm can accommodate a multitude of larger plastic or metal lids and closures.


This is a standard size for many branded 5 litre cleaning solutions, for The Clean Machine or Clover Chemicals brand you will need the 42mm size.

£ 3.40