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Numatic Compact Ride On Scrubber Drier CRG 8055/120T-907673
A new compact Ride-On absolutely bristling with practical innovation and user convenience. 

In truth the CRO8055 is competitive with most walk behinds of the same size. So now you can sit rather than walk and by virtue of the exceptional manoeuvrability, substantial time will be saved on middle size applications. 

The CRO8055 also introduces the logic of two machines in place of something much bigger or, to put it another way, Two for the Price of One with added versatility and convenience. 

The CRO will go into places where bigger machines are not suitable and anything smaller is just too small.

• 80 litre clean and dirty water heavy duty polyform tanks, allowing large areas to be cleaned in a single fill.

• Compact design, easy cleaning in those tight spaces

• Anti-tip system, prevents the machine from tipping when cornering sharply

• On-board charger port, hassle free charging

• Flexifill extending and flexible filling hose, fill from any clean water outlet

• TwinFlo vacuum motor, providing exceptional wet pick up


Vacuum Motor Power 24V 400 W
Brush Motor Power 24V 600 W
Power CRO-8055/120 = 2 X 12V (24V) = 120 Ahr, CRO-8055/100 = 2 X 12V (24V) = 100 Ahr
Run Time CRO-8055/120 = 3 Hrs, CRO-8055/100 = 2 Hrs
Traction Drive 24V 400 W
Transit Speed 0-6.0Km/h
Cleaning Speed 4.2km/h
Scrub Width 550 mm
Brush Speed 150 rpm
Water Capacity 80L
Water Flow Rate 3L/min 2L/min 1.5L/min 1L/min 0.5L/min
Weight 280 kg
Dimensions 1160x1460x805mm
Prices exc. VAT.