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Streamline Power Pole Complete | Hybrid High Pressure Pole | 25 Feet | HX4

The Highline™ High Pressure Poles are designed and built for the most demanding of tasks, with the best for the user in mind. High Pressure cleaning tasks up to 4 storeys height can now be achieved using the Highline™ and Giraffe telescoping wands. With a selection of nozzles and attachements, these poles offer a solution to almost any cleaning at height chalenge encountered. These composite pole offer lightness, yet retain their stiffness and enable a maximum reach of an astounding 43ft.

·         Pole Material: Hybrid Composite

·         Number of Sections: 4

·         Minimum Length: 2100mm

·         Maximum Length:6800mm-22ft

·         Acheivable Height: 24ft

·         Weight (pole only): 2.60kg

·         Sturdy Trigger attached firmly to the pole section.

·         High Pressure hose rated to 280bar 4000psi.

·         Heavy Duty Clamps allow easy extension of the pole.

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