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Kranzle Quadro Series | Quadro 599TST Cold Water Pressure Washer with 20m Hose Drum & DirtKiller Lance 240V - K40431

·         10 ltr/min

·         150 Bar  ( 165 max )

·         240 volt

·         high pressure detergent

·         Dirtkiller lance

·         Hose drum inc, 20 metre hose


The Quadro 599 TST is an excellent design, and a very powerful pressure washer running on an ordinary UK 3-pin plug (240 volt), designed with a large 10 litre water break tank and great stability.

Durable design for industrial and commercial use. The pressure of the Quadro 599 TST can be fully adjusted and at maximum will give nearly 2200 psi. This is actual pressure at the nozzle, unlike low pressure chemical injectors, here the actual pressure is around 30% higher than traditional systems - something true of any pressure washers with low pressure chemical option.

The Dirtkiller lance comes as standard with the Quadro 599 TST model, and is a tremendous help when cleaning stone work or tough jobs that need an aggressive spray equivalent to nearly 4400 psi. Dirtkiller lance's produce an extremely powerful jet of spinning water that is quite capable of removing the surface of concrete or paint from metal. It is very aggressive, you wouldn't want to use it on your car, and the spinning pencil jet combines concentrated power over a larger working area.

The motor of the machine switches off to standby mode if the trigger gun is not operated for 30 seconds, this delayed shutdown reduces unnecessary 'on/off' operation when say freeing the hose. When the trigger is squeezed again the machine instantly restarts. As an added safety feature, if you forget to switch the machine off after use it will switch itself off after 20 minutes of standing idle.

There is only a small trace current to the micro-switch, prolonging its life compared to automatic machines without a circuit board.

All connections are brass screw fittings sealed by an O ring, so no tools are needed to change accessories or pack away the machine. There are storage compartments for the trigger gun with standard lance, and for the Dirtkiller lance built into the casing of the machine. Winding lugs for the power cable keep the 5M power cable complete with UK plug tidy.

Machines come with 20M of steel braided, rubber coated high pressure hose. The hose drum is slightly larger than it needs to be, making it easy to wind up the hose. An M2000 gun assembly, lance and Dirtkiller are also standard equipment.

A major advantage to the new generation of pressure washer from Kranzle is that you can clean with detergents and degreasers at high pressure. This is a big help when cleaning engine compartments, gearboxes or pre-MOT cleaning on HGVs. It also increases the effectiveness of cleaning where hygiene and BIO-SECURITY is essential such as on farms, in areas with livestock, kennels or any food handling areas.

The water tank on a Quadro also protects the pump from being starved of water. On a conventional pressure washer attached to a tap via a hose if there is not enough water flow to the pump the pistons inside are held forward by the vacuum that forms on the inlet. This causes knocking in the transmission and serious damage to the pump if not rectified. The water tank on the Quadro acts as a buffer between the water mains and the pump and compensates for fluctuations in the supply - protecting the pump.

An excellent value for money machine, well designed, easy to maintain and exceptionally durable.



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