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Kranzle Portable Series | K7 HD7/122 Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washer - Build Your Own Custom K7

Currently out of stock - lead time 4-6 weeks.


Build your own custom K7.


Choose the length of hose, gun and lances to build your very own custom Kranzle K7.


As standard all Kranzle machines are now supplied with D12 Quick Release Guns & Lances.


As part of our custom build option, you can still choose the traditional M22 threaded connection. See build options below.


All hoses are M22 Thread. Quick release applies to the connection between the Lance & the Gun to enable quick interchange of lances (dirtkiller, vario, foam bottle etc.)

If you choose an D12 Quick Release Gun, you will also need a D12 Quick Release connection on all lances and accessories.


A D12 Quick Release Adapter is available to convert traditional M22 threaded accessories to Quick Release.




Operating Pressure: 30-120 bar / 435 – 1740 psi

Max Pressure:  135 Bar / 1960 psi

Water Flow:  7 L per min

Easy-Start Technology


In the box


You choose!


Kranzle K7 Standard or Automatic TS Model

Your Choice of M22 Threaded Hose

Your Choice of M2000 Gun

Your Choice of 028 Nozzle Lance

5M Power Cable


Option Extras:

Dirtkiller Lance for heavy duty concrete / patio cleaning.

Chemical feed to draw chemical directly from a bottle. Chemical Lance or Vario Lance also required.


Need a longer hose? Click here to view our Hose Extension Kit.


Designed for Heavy Duty Trade use the K7 is ideal for valeters’ and detailers’  due to its compact size and extremely robust design, an ideal investment due to very low maintenance costs and exceptionally long life expectancy.


Unlike many small units, the K7 is self priming and will happily pull water from a tank and can even lift water from a depth of one metre! Perfect for the mobile valeter or detailer. Plus with the new Easy-Start technology you no longer need to squeeze the trigger gun to fire up your machine.


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Standard Machine K7/122 or Auto Shut Off K7/122 TS


What is the difference? The K7/122 Auto Shuff Off / Total Stop (TS) automatically turns off the pump when the trigger on the gun is released (i.e the pump switches on when you hold the trigger gun and spray water and switches off when you release the trigger and aren't spraying water). The K7/122 Standard will run continuously whilst connected to power (this however does not result in a pressure build up, due to the intelligent design of the K7).


K7/122 Standard


The K7/122 Standard machine is more suited to mobile valeters and detailers that are on the move throughout the day and using a generator for power connectivity.


K7/122 Auto Shut Off / Total Stop TS


The K7/122 Auto Shut Off / Total Stop TS is ideal for operators who have the machine fixed in a static position and connected to power for use most of the day. The Auto Shut Off / Total Stop Function will save energy consumption and prolong pump life over extended use when used all day.


The Auto Shut Off / Total Stop TS Version is not ideally suited for use with a generator as the repeated on/off function will cause surges in supply - potentially causing issues with the generator. For generator use Kranzle recommend the standard K7 model.


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All Kranzle machines are manufactured with special forged brass housings with a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the pump head, they will not just ‘wear out’ like many domestic pressure washers. Connections are all brass screw fittings sealed by an O-ring making maintenance extremely simple.


To achieve more pressure you can purchase the DirtKiller Lance which is available to buy separately. The DirtKiller is ideal for cleaning stone work and block paving, but a bit too aggressive for car cleaning.


Chemical Injector Kits including Chemical Lance and are also available as an option below.


Technical Specifications


Inlet Water Temp: 60°C

Water Suction Height: 1.5m

Motor Speed: 1,400 rpm.

Power: 230 V, 50Hz, 7.5 Amps

Running Load: 1.6 kW

Nozzle Size: 028

Weight: 22kg

Dimensions: 44cm x 20cm x 33cm

Kranzle Recommended Generator Power: Minimum 3.5 KW

Kranzle Recommended Extension Lead: Minimum 2.5mm Inner Core (Always use fully extended).


Boxed Weight (inc. Accessories): 24kg

Boxed Dimensions: 60 cm x 27cm x 37cm


Order Code: 41.730


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Free next day delivery as standard (mainland UK, subject to stock availability) give us a call if you need any special delivery requirements.


We offer a price match guarantee.


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*Select Model
K7 Standard | Mobile Valeters Choice | Bare Machine | 600001
K7 Automatic Stop Start / Total Stop | Bare Machine | 600020
*Choose Hose
10m | Kranzle M22 x M22 Pressure Hose | 43416
15m | Kranzle M22 x M22 Pressure Hose | 434165
20m | Kranzle M22 x M22 Pressure Hose | 434161
5m | Kranzle M22 x M22 Pressure Hose | 434164
*Choose Gun
M22 Thread Connection Long Gun | 12480
D12 Quick Release Long Gun | 12481
M22 Thread Connection Short / Stub Gun | 12491
D12 Quick Release Short / Stub Gun | 12492
*Choose Standard Lance
M22 Thread Connection | 500mm Long Lance with Standard Flat Nozzle | 12393-028
M22 Thread Connection | Short / Stub Vario Lance | 411561-028
D12 Quick Release | Short / Stub Vario Lance | 411560-028
D12 Quick Release | Short / Stub Standard Flat Jet Lance | 12390-028
D12 Quick Release | 500mm Standard Flat Jet Lance | 12435-028
M22 Thread Connection | Stub Lance with Flat / Knife Jet Nozzle | 12391-028
Add Dirtkiller Lance
M22 Thread | DirtKiller Lance 500mm | 41570-028
D12 Quick Release | Dirtkiller Lance 500mm | 12438-028
D12 Quick Release | Stub / Short Dirtkiller Lance | 028 Nozzle | 415710-028
Add Chemical Injector
K7 Chemical Injector Kit | Chemical Feed & 500mm M22 Thread Detergent Lance | 133765
K7 Chemical Injector Feed Only | 133761
Add Snow Foam Bottle
M22 Threaded Connection | Foam Bottle | 1 Litre | 135301
D12 Quick Release | Foam Bottle | 1 Litre | 135303
D12 Quick Release | Foam Bottle | 2 Litre | 135313
Your Kit Is Ready To Purchase!

Kranzle M22 Threaded DirtKiller Lance | 028 Nozzle | 41570-028
The 028 Nozzle is suitable for Kranzle K7 series machines.
Dirtkiller lance's give fantastic results when cleaning stone work and block paving, etc. It is very aggressive, you wouldn't want to use it on your car, the spinning pencil jet combines concentrated power over a larger working area enabling you to clean twice as fast.
Dirtkiller lances and Turbokiller lances work in the same way; the Turbokiller lances are physically larger than the Dirtkiller lances. Do not think that because the Turbo lances cost more they are more powerful - they are not. They are simply bigger, designed for machines pumping out higher volumes of water.
Dirtkillers work well with outputs upto a maximum of 15 ltrs/min. More than 15 ltrs/min output and you need the bigger Turbokiller.
Both types have a floating spinning pencil jet nozzle, impacting all of the available pressure over a very small impact area.
The concentrated spinning jet creates a more powerful ripping force, and rotatating around its central point covers a much bigger area of coverage. Maximum impact pressure over a larger area than previously possible. 
Built by Kranzle with solid brass ends, either protected by plastic, or a rubber casing. Inside is ceramic. While using ceramic is not cheap it is extremely hard wearing, and offers very long life that is unlikely to ever wear-out. Long stainless steel pipe is used for its durability.

£ 61.14

K7/122 Chemical Injector Kit with a Standard Detergent Lance 133765 - Includes parts: K133761B & KR-12701-028)
Chemical Injector Kit.
After market kit to convert a Kranzle K17/122 to a chemical feed machine.
Kit comprises a screw on injector with chemical pick up pipe plus a lance with a chemical selector. 
Simply put the chemical feed pipe into a 5 litre bottle of detergent or TFR next to the machine. The supply of chemial is then controled by twisting the regulator on the end of the lance.

£ 56.06

Kranzle M22 Coupling to Quick Release Male Insert - K12441 | 100mm
Kranzle M22 Coupling to Quick Release Male Insert - K12441 | 100mm

£ 16.11