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Kranzle Petrol Powdered Series | B 270T Petrol Pressure Washer with Auto Throttle, 20m Hose Reel & Turbo 13HP - 411931

·         16 ltr/min

·         250 Bar  ( 270 max )

·         13 HP Honda petrol engine

·         Hose drum inc, 20 metre hose

·         Automatic throttle control


The Professional Series petrol powered machines continue with the bigger 13 HP Honda engine fitted making the B 270 T more powerful than the smaller engine pressure washers. The B 270 T is an excellent design, it is easy to move about, it is well protected, it has storage recepticles for the accessories and includes 20 M of high pressure hose that winds up onto the integral hose reel.

Suggested continuous useage: full, daily use. Fantastic for demanding cleaning tasks where it is not possible to connect to an electric supply.

Durable design for industrial and commercial use. The pressure of the B 270 T can be fully adjusted and at maximum will give nearly 3650 psi. The Turbokiller lance comes as standard with the B 270 T, it is a tremendous help when cleaning stone work or tough jobs that need an aggressive spray equivalent to nearly 7300 psi. Turbokiller lance's produce an extremely powerful jet of spinning water that is quite capable of removing the surface of concrete or paint from metal. It is very aggressive, you wouldn't want to use it on a vehicle, the spinning pencil jet combines concentrated power over a larger working area.

Kranzle petrol pressure washers are made for industrial and commercial use, 13 HP Honda engines are used, fitted with a low motor oil safety device. The heavy duty Kranzle pump is directly driven by the shaft of the motor, which on this model of 13 HP Honda has a maximum rotation of 1800 rpm. The advantages of this are two fold. Firstly, there is no need for a reduction gear box which reduces efficiency and is a potential maintenance problem in years to come. Secondly, because the pump does not have to operate at a high speed, it is able to self prime and draw water from a tank.

The B 270 T models are all fitted with an automatic throttle control that drops the engine speed back to tick over while the trigger gun is released, consequently reducing noise levels and fuel wastage. These machines are very capable of the most demanding work and have the highest suggested use allowing for full days' work.

All connections are brass screw fittings sealed by an O ring, so no tools are needed to change accessories or pack away the machine. All machines come with 20M of twin wire steel braided, rubber coated high pressure hose on an integrated drum, which is slightly larger than it needs to be, making it easy to wind up the hose. A heavy duty Starlet II gun assembly and adjustable nozzle and regulator lance are also standard equipment.

It is possible to clean with detergents and degreasers using the optional chemical injector.

Another popular accessory ordered with this machine is the 3 Metre crush-proof 3/4" suction hose complete with filter.

An excellent value for money machine, well designed, easy to maintain and exceptionally durable.

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