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What is MyBuy List?

We created the MyBuy List to make your ordering process even easier.

The MyBuy List is your one stop destination for placing orders and acts as your order form with us, now you don’t even need to browse through categories online to order the products you need!

Adding an item to your MyBuy List

Whilst browsing through the website you will notice every product has an option to ‘Add To MyBuy List’ simply click this button to add the desired product to your MyBuy List – the product will then appear in the MyBuy List every time you shop - until you delete it.

If you are always going to order the same QTY of an item then simply input the QTY you wish to order on a regular basis into the Quantity box and click ‘Add To MyBuy List’.

For items with multiple options and different unit of measures you can select the desired option and UM before adding to the MyBuy List. Simply select the option and desired pack size for the product and click ‘Add To MyBuy List’.

To build your MyBuy List and make ordering easier every time you shop, your MyBuy List needs populating. You can browse the site and add each item required into your MyBuy List or if you want some help setting up your MyBuy List give us a call and we’ll do the work.

Amend and delete an item from your MyBuy List

Simply head to your MyBuy List page (the link can be found next to the Shopping Cart at the top of any page) find the item you wish to amend or delete.

To delete an item click ‘Delete’ to remove this item form the list.

To amend an item drop the UM or Option box down to change the option or overtype a new QTY in the Quantity box and click ‘Update MyBuy List’ found at the top of the MyBuy List page.

Purchasing Items using your MyBuy List

Once you have all the items required in your MyBuy List ordering couldn’t get any easier.

-          I only want to order one item from the MyBuy List

If you’re only ordering one item from your list, type the amount needed into the Quantity box and click ‘Move to Shopping Cart’ which can be found next to the item you're ordering. The item will then be added into your shopping cart.

-          I want to order multiple items from the MyBuy List

Simply scroll through your list and input / amend QTY’s if needed. If you do not wish to order an item simply type ‘ 0 ’ (ZERO) in the Quantity box. Once you have input all the QTY’s required for each item click ‘Order Items in Selected QTY’s’ which can be found at the top and bottom of the page – this will then add all the items required. All you need to do then is review your shopping cart and checkout.

If you need any help setting up your MyBuy List or would like us to populate your MyBuy List simply call 01952 418 000 and we’ll be more than happy to help.